SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution

Rolls-Royce Corporation


Rolls-Royce is the second-largest aircraft engine maker and one of the largest manufacturers of marine propulsion systems in the world. The company has annual sales of $14.8 billion and employs about 38,000 people worldwide. The Indianapolis-based US operation designs and manufactures aircraft, industrial and marine engines. Dickinson + Associates has been providing SAP consulting services directly to Rolls-Royce since 1998. It has also supported EDS, the prime systems integrator at Rolls-Royce.


Dickinson + Associates was engaged by EDS to assist Rolls-Royce Corporation in the conversion from its Peoplesoft HR system to a new SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) installation. For the conversion, Rolls-Royce developed a global SAP HCM model to be deployed to all Rolls-Royce operations. This global template had evolved from the SAP HCM installation in the UK, and did not address country specific issues, such as unique North American business requirements related to federal, state, and local payroll tax issues and union/incentive payroll issues. This situation presented a challenge to develop a solution that leverages the global template while addressing additional business requirements discovered during the U.S. implementation.


A team comprised of Rolls-Royce Corporation, EDS, and Dickinson + Associates worked diligently to adapt the template and apply needed modifications. The Dickinson + Associates Team provided experienced SAP consultants with knowledge of Personnel Administration, Benefits, Payroll, Time, and ABAP to help bridge the differences between Peoplesoft and SAP and the differences between the UK HCM processes and those in the United States.

The SAP HCM implementation at the Indianapolis facility was critical to Rolls-Royce as they were driving towards a common global SAP business process model, and this SAP HCM implementation was the first phase of this project. The success of this project allowed other Rolls-Royce HR initiatives to take place.

Dickinson + Associates was instrumental in the management and QA of the project, the blueprint activities and system configuration, as well as the development of over 50 interfaces, 30 custom payroll rules, multiple custom and enhanced infotypes, and many other needed implementation activities. The project went live on May 1, 2007 when Rolls-Royce officially switched from PeopleSoft to SAP.


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