Reducing Run Times with D+A Performance Tuning Solutions

Black & Decker


Black & Decker is a global manufacturer and marketer of quality power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology based fastening systems. Their products and services are marketed in more than 100 countries, and they have manufacturing operations in 11 countries.

Black & Decker is currently on SAP R/3 Enterprise. Black & Decker has engaged Dickinson + Associates since 2004 for various initiatives like SAP Rollout to European countries, SAP Rollout to newly acquired companies, Global Trade Implementation, Rollout of New Pricing Programs, Performance Tuning, etc.


Black & Decker has been running SAP for more than 12 years and has gone through multiple upgrades. The Performance Tuning Project at Black & Decker involved improvement of the runtimes of many critical interfaces.

  • Order Entry Process–Saving Sales Orders took so much time in SAP, that the Customer Service Representatives wasted a lot of time in data processing. The Sales Order Load background jobs also had long run times.
  • Interfaces, such as Orderometer, were critical for Sales Reporting. This interface had long runtimes, causing delays in the daily sales reporting process.
  • Some Critical Interfaces, like the Product Allocation Interface, would sometimes run for more than a day.


Due to the problems listed, Black & Decker engaged Dickinson + Associates consultants to fine-tune the performance of their SAP System. Our consultants analyzed various Interfaces and User Exits to uncover the problematic programs. These programs were then redesigned and tuned in various ways to bring about drastic improvements in runtimes, often cutting them to less than half. Subsequently, Black & Decker realized significant return on investment from this effort.


Dickinson + Associates provides experienced Techno-Functional Consultants–that have a deep understanding of ABAP, Basis, and have business knowledge of the various functional Modules in SAP. This significantly accelerates the gathering of requirements, analysis of the correct solution to the problem (Code, Basis settings, Business Processes), and rapid deployment of the solution.