Dickinson + Associates ShipSelect


ShipSelect is a cloud based multi-carrier shipping solution that connects directly to your ERP system and allows for the real-time creation of shipments, generation of carrier compliant labels/documents, rate quoting, and shipment tracking from a single user-friendly interface. 


  • Full integration with SAP
  • Shipment Creation and Cancelation
  • Carrier Compliant Label + Document Printing * Rate Quoting Across Carriers + Services
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Cloud-based, no Middleware
  • Modern, Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy Error Handling
  • Integrated Work ow for Support 

Great solutions are not just for big companies. With transactional based pricing, ShipSelect works for companies of all sizes, from small shippers to global distributors. 


Don’t let shipping be a bottleneck in your order fullfillment process! ShipSelect allows you to ship packages by automatically mapping delivery data from SAP and generating labels in real-time from a single interface. No more redundant data entry into multiple carrier systems. Simply scan your package, apply the label and place it in the truck.
Need to make changes? Not a problem. With a robust interface, ShipSelect allows you to make any needed changes on the fly. Update package data such as volume, weight, or insured value. Fix issues with addresses or add references right before printing the label. Compare rates and transit times across carriers to ensure your packages arrives on time at the most competitive rate. 


By leveraging carrier API’s, there is no need to maintain carrier labels, documents or tracking numbers in your system. ShipSelect connects directly to the carrier so that you will always receive the latest carrier compliant labels and documents. With real-time communication, the carrier will receive the shipment information as soon as you send it. Tracking numbers come directly from the carrier with no need to maintain number ranges in ERP. Any errors returned from the carrier are displayed directly on the screen allowing for a quick resolution. 


Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of “if” but a matter of “when”. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, ShipSelect comes with all of the benefits of a modern cloud solution:

  • No Hardware Installation and Maintenance.
  • Painless Upgrades.
  • Competitive Subscription Pricing, Pay for What You Use. * Accelerated Deployment With Minimized Risk.
  • Bi-modal Separation From System of Record.
  • No Core Modifications in ERP. 



ShipSelect is compatible with SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA. By using the HANA Cloud Connector, delivery information is securely retrieved from SAP documents and master data. In return, tracking numbers and shipping costs are returned to SAP and stored in the delivery document.


As a web based tool, ShipSelect can be used from anywhere without the need to install carrier specific desktop programs. Using the latest design concepts of SAPUI5, this application delivers a rich and e cient user experience consistent with SAP’s Fiori design guidelines. Ditch the clunky ABAP based screens and enjoy robust features like integrated work ows allowing users to quickly raise support issues directly from the interface. 


ShipSelect is delivered by Dickinson + Associates, an SAP Gold Partner with more than 20 years of SAP experience. As a leading innovator in cloud applications, combined with strong industry and functional expertise, Dickinson is able to deliver implementation and support services that ensure the success of your deployment. While the solution is easily con gurable, ShipSelect developers can perform customer speci c enhancements to make sure this solution ts as a natural part of your Order to Cash process.