SAP Mobility Solutions


In today’s increasingly mobile business culture, getting access to critical information while away from the office or desk is paramount.  Companies that mobilize their workforce are able to react quickly and remain nimble as the speed of information increases.  The biggest challenge facing many SAP customers with regard to mobility is providing a streamlined, secure and process-relevant way to access their system data in real time. Consumer mobile applications have set the bar high for ease of use.  As technology is constantly changing, this is a very real but attainable challenge; one that has the ability to change the way you do business.


Real Time Access to Critical Information – Your decisions are only as good as the facts behind them, and in a 24/7 business cycle you need the latest information. By providing more timely and targeted information that enables quick and immediate decision-making, Dickinson + Associates can profoundly optimize process efficiencies within your organization. SAP Mobility Solutions interact with your system in real time and bridge an important gap between the front lines and the back office, thereby putting critical information into the hands of those who can make an immediate impact. From the sales floor to the shop floor, you will never be without information vital to you and your customers.
Redesigned User Interface – Have you asked yourself: How do my users want to interact with data? Mobile devices offer a blank canvas to paint a natural and intuitive user experience. While not taking away from the robust functionality available in SAP ERP environments, Dickinson + Associates’ SAP Mobility Solutions are designed to create a digital representation of the physical world on the mobile device of your choosing. This means brilliant graphics, company branding and enhanced user interaction not seen in conventional GUI environments.
Mission Critical Transaction Sets – Whether you are running a production line or calling on your most important customer, timely and relevant information is vital to your success. Using a basis of fully integrated transaction sets that can be selected and assigned based on user roles and responsibilities, Dickinson + Associates’ Mobility Solutions offer exactly what you need to get your job done, no more, no less. Our mobile solutions give you the ability to filter out actionable data from a vast sea of information. This increased efficiency means you and your employees get more done in less time.
A Secure Mobile Environment – System security is a big concern in any mobile environment, especially when your business data is at stake. Using inherent security protocols available in SAP Afaria® tool, mobility solutions from Dickinson + Associates go to great lengths to protect one of your most valuable assets. In addition to protecting your data, individual user roles and responsibilities need to be upheld even in a mobile environment to make sure your organization remains compliant. Seamless integration with established user roles and security settings means your users can access the same information and perform the same transactions regardless of device. Furthermore, by leveraging the replication functionality of the SAP Mobile Platform, mobile users do not need a constant connection to your network, giving them the flexibility to complete system tasks and sync up when they are back online.


Integrating mobile solutions should not take months of work and complex customizations to get running. By using the power of a SAP Fiori set of pre-developed applications, Dickinson + Associates is prepared to bring up a mobile environment in days. SAP Fiori is truly a game changer. It brings together streamlined technology in a way that changes how your employees will use SAP. Identical user experience, from mobile phone to tablet to desktop, is extensible should the need for customization arise.


Mobility Solutions as unique as your business - By combining the experience of Business People Who Know SAP with the technology enabled through SAP and Sybase software solutions, Dickinson + Associates is able to provide a full suite of integrated mobility options custom tailored to your business.  By starting with your current processes and presenting corresponding mobile options we get the move to mobility started.  Knowing each business is unique and each role within an organization is tasked with different responsibilities, we have developed a platform that can be easily customized to the user interacting with it on a daily basis, providing exactly the information and functionality they need to get the job done.  You have done the hard work of implementing SAP; now is the time to realize value out of that investment. Dickinson + Associates Mobility Solutions bring you the productivity gains that can significantly improve your business.