Sponsoring ASUG Chicago Chapter Meeting

Wed, 03/21/2018
Naperville, IL

We are proud to present at the March 21 ASUG Chicago Chapter meeting with Komatsu America at 1:00 AND 2:00. Come and learn how SAP Cloud Platform can transform how you do business!

How Komatsu Optimized Dealer Order Entry with the SAP Cloud Platform 

  • Using the latest cutting-edge tools available on the SAP Cloud Platform, Komatsu was able to modernize their dealer ordering process by offering a web based, mobile ready dealer portal with real-time inventory information and Sales Order creation. In this session, we'll cover the overall project methodology, lessons learned and best practices.  Speakers: Olavo Figueiredo, Daphyne Woodard, Roger Touhy, Robert Bean

How Komatsu Leveraged the SAP Cloud Platform for Invoice Approval


  • We'll explore how Komatsu built an invoice request/approval workflow process using the SAP Cloud Platform. By replacing outdated, manual process with this user friendly, mobile application, Komatsu was able to reduce errors and expedite invoice processing to reduce outstanding Accounts Receivables.  Speakers: Olavo Figueiredo, Roger Touhy, Robert Bean

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