Native Application Development on SAP HANA


In today’s business environment, analytical applications are increasingly dependent on “big data” solutions. Additionally, these applications need to return information to users at all levels of the organization in real-time. It’s common for analytical models and definitions to change more quickly than IT departments can deliver solutions. By the time a solution is delivered, it is obsolete, takes too long to process or simply does not meet the evolving requirements of the organization. The same expectations now apply to the underlying transaction systems. When business leaders demand no data latency and the ability to adapt quickly to market condition changes, there is constant strain on the IT organization and their ability to deliver.


SAP HANA database technology has revolutionized computing over the past five years. SAP HANA offers computing capabilities far more powerful than traditional database technologies through in-memory data storage and massive parallel processing. SAP HANA has become the de facto standard for “Big Data” analytics and real-time transactional processing.

SAP HANA, however, offers much more than just computing power. It can also serve as a single-integrated development platform. By leveraging technologies such as HTML5, the SAP Extended Application Services (XS) Engine and OData Services integration, SAP offers a single integrated application platform that can be used to deploy custom applications on the SAP HANA database. 


SAP HANA is much more than a database. Leveraging the native application development framework packaged with SAP HANA software offers the following Key Benefits:
  • A flexible, agile development platform
  • A single, integrated platform for analytics, custom application development and transactional processing
  • Advanced in-memory database technology
  • Simplified architecture for more rapid deployments


Dickinson + Associates is an SAP Gold Channel Partner and certified reseller of SAP HANA software. We have a core team specializing in SAP HANA native application development. Our team has deployed complex decision making software on SAP HANA, allowing businesses to capture key measures and manage their ever-increasing data needs. With the integrated SAP HANA solution, the same core team builds out powerful, dynamic reporting tools to allow businesses to run smarter by analyzing past performance and predicting future trends. Dickinson + Associates’ adaptive, agile approach to SAP HANA application development is proven to succeed in today’s fast paced, ever changing business environments.