Webinar: SAP Predictive Analytics – the power of predictive in the hands of everyday business users

Wed, 08/10/2016

SAP Predictive Analytics provides an integrated solution simplified to enable business users, data analysts and data scientists to work with large data sets and predict future outcomes and behaviors. A wide range of proven algorithms (PAL & R) combined with native SAP functions can be used to identify unforeseen business opportunities. Imagine if your organization had the ability to drive revenue growth through predicting customer behavior, making proactive product recommendations, uncovering hidden risks and costs, and anticipating market changes. Traditionally, these capabilities required advanced industry data scientists and complex modelling. However, using SAP’s Predictive Analytics solution, the power of predictive technology is placed in the hands of everyday business users.

Join us as we demonstrate the capabilities of SAP Predictive Analytics applied to real-world business examples. These include commodity pricing models intended to increase sales while maximizing margins and sales lead scoring.

We will focus on the following key capabilities:

  • Ease of use for everyday business users while retaining more advanced capabilities expected from data scientists
  • Speed and efficiency of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) combined with native predictive function libraries (PAL, APL, with R-integration).
  • Drive real-time decision making by sharing predictive results with enterprise-wide business user groups through a secure and integrated platform.
  • Addressing common questions regarding the SAP Predictive Analytics solutions and outlining how Dickinson + Associates can assist organizations in their predictive journey.

Click here to view the recording of this webinar.