Sponsored ASUG Georgia Chapter Meeting

Fri, 02/27/2015
Atlanta, Georgia

Dickinson + Associates is proud to be the platinum sponsor at this event. Join us on February 27 for the keynote and breakout session:


Where do you see yourself in five years? We ask this of ourselves and our employees all the time; why not ask it of our SAP experience? For the last decade, SAP has used the principles of Design Thinking to build out technologies to support organizations run by the mobile generation. Products like SAP Fiori, Screen Personas, the Mobile Platform and highly scalable products like Cloud for Customer have provided a unique opportunity to transition our companies away from SAP GUI and into a consumer grade experience.

This keynote will touch on new technologies while addressing a far more important topic: one that has the ability to make or break your transition from legacy SAP GUI to new UX. We will talk about the strategy behind the technology. What drove SAP in the direction they went, and how can you carry that vision in to the next decade? What is the most influential driver of business value when considering a new User Experience? What is the most important lesson we’ve learned from implementing these new technologies? Join us as we help prepare companies to run with the new SAP UX.

Breakout Session

Innovation and agility are common traits found in dynamic, growing organizations. Emerging industries such as Renewable Energy, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Business and Predictive Marketing are driving innovation in the world economy and thus need a flexible software platform to meet their complex demands. In many cases, firms in emerging markets are developing homegrown, advanced applications required to support industry-specific business operations.

This session will outline the native application development capabilities inherent in the SAP HANA platform. We will discuss how SAP HANA can serve as single integrated development platform. We will review technologies such as HTML5, the SAP Extended Application Services (XS) Engine and OData Services integration with SAP HANA. Finally, we will review several business cases where SAP HANA native applications can be leveraged within a given organization.