Webinar: SAP HANA Native Application Development

Wed, 07/16/2014

SAP HANA is s a real-time, in-memory database that enables organizations to process “big data” in support of transactional processing, operational reporting, advanced analytics and predictive modeling.  With that said, SAP HANA has the potential to be much more than a database.  In fact, SAP HANA as platform can serve as an agile, flexible application development framework.  This game-changing capability empowers organizations to build advanced applications directly on SAP HANA, leveraging the SAP HANA Extended Application Service (XS).
During this webinar, Tim Korba and Eric Zenner will outline how the SAP HANA XS Engine can add value to your business through agile development methods.  Additionally, we will demonstrate how SAP HANA Studio is used to develop applications that can both read and write to your SAP HANA instance.  The webinar will specifically focus on how SAP HANA XS can provide personalization, page building and navigation.  We will detail the benefits and best practices and demonstrate the integrated SAP HANA application layer tools.